Monthly Archive: September 2010

Sep 28

Where is my snap-in?

The “Active Directory Users and Computers” MMC snap-in is obviously an invaluable tool if you’re dealing with Windows domains and user/service accounts on a daily basis. Yesterday I found out that it isn’t included in Windows 7.

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Sep 14

Getting SQLBackup’s Network Copy to Work

We started using RedGate’s SQL Backup in the office a couple of months ago. Getting away from SQL Server Maintenance Plans and SQL Server Agent has been refreshing, not to mention the fact that our backups just work now and don’t fill up their disk within a few days (thanks to compression). Another good feature …

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Sep 09

Scrum Gathering South Africa 2010

Last week I attended the ScrumAlliance’s “South Africa Scrum Gathering 2010” for two days of presentations, “deep dives” (in-depth sessions on a particular topic), discussions and more.

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Sep 07

First attempts with MVC2 and EF4

I’ve recently started looking at skilling up in MVC2 and Entity Framework (EF), and I’d like to share with you some more information on the code-first approach and the issues I encountered initially.

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Sep 04

Hello, World!

Finally got my blog going!

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