Sep 14

Getting SQLBackup’s Network Copy to Work

We started using RedGate’s SQL Backup in the office a couple of months ago. Getting away from SQL Server Maintenance Plans and SQL Server Agent has been refreshing, not to mention the fact that our backups just work now and don’t fill up their disk within a few days (thanks to compression).

Another good feature is the network copy option, which (you guessed it) will automatically copy backups to another location on the network. It can be a bit of a hassle to set up, especially when your target location is in another domain – fortunately there is some decent documentation available. Be careful with changing the SQL Backup Agent Service’s logon credentials though. When I did this I promptly encountered a permissions problem with SQL Backup’s local cache as well as all scheduled backup jobs going tits-up with SQL Backup exit code 586 and exit code 5240 coming from SQL Server. I ended up having to recreate these jobs before everything was back to normal.

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