Apr 09

IIS7 Error 500.19 – Config Error with Empty Config Source

Here’s another, rather unhelpful, IIS7 error that I encountered the other day:

The requested page cannot be accessed because the related configuration data for the page is invalid

The details of the error are:

Detailed Error information:
Module: IIS Web Core
Notification: Begin Request
Handler: Not yet determined
Error Code: 0x8007000d
Requested URL: <your url>
Physical path: <your path>
Login Method: Not yet determined
Login User: Not yet determined
Config Error
Config File: \\?\<your config path>

Config Source:

Eventually I figured out that this was due to the URL Rewrite Module not having been installed while I was trying to run a site that needed it.

Thanks to the contributors of this post.


  1. Ivan Akcheurov

    Yes, encountered exactly the same problem.
    I love Microsoft’s help messages like this one (Config Error: ),
    “Something went wrong! Have a nice day and good luck debugging!”

  2. Dave

    Perfect! This was my exact problem! You’re awesome!

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