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Jan 08

HostsChanger 1.1 Released

I’ve just released V1.1 of my HostsChanger tray application. If you frequently change your hosts file then this little app is for you! Head on over to the HostsChanger page.

Jan 07

How to make IIS7 play nice with Office Interop

I’ve just started working on a new project for which we had to dig out one of our older libraries. We wrote it to retrieve data from MS Excel workbooks using the Office interop assemblies, and thus far it has never given us issues. A slight change this time round was that we were using …

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Sep 07

First attempts with MVC2 and EF4

I’ve recently started looking at skilling up in MVC2 and Entity Framework (EF), and I’d like to share with you some more information on the code-first approach and the issues I encountered initially.

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